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Business Environment

For Chouteau, Oklahoma

Whether you are starting up a new business, moving a business, or looking at expanding sales, here is a collection of key information most businesses need regarding the Chouteau business environment.

Local Tax Information​

Sales Tax Rates
-  Chouteau Town Sales Tax:      4.50%
-  Mayes County Sales Tax:         1.375%
-  Oklahoma State Sales Tax:     4.50%
-  Total Retail Sales Tax:           10.375%

Source:   Oklahoma Tax Commission

Tax by Comparison

Sales Tax Rates
Sales Tax in Chouteau:          10.375 %

-  Sales Tax in Pryor:                   9.875 %

-  Sales Tax in Locust Grove:   10.375 %

-  Sales Tax in Wagoner:            9.800 %

-  Sales Tax in Inola:                    9.333 %
-  Sales Tax in Claremore:          9.333 %


Note:  Tax rates includes city, county & state tax

Source:  Oklahoma Tax Commission

Laborforce Participation

In Chouteau, 58.8% of the population 16 and over is active labor force.  The unemployment rate is 1.3% at last official measurement (2018).  

Source: US Census 2017 ACS 5-Year Survey


Daily Traffic Profile

In Chouteau, there are 15,819 average vehicles traveling S Chouteau Ave (aka Hwy 69) through town every weekday. 

Source: Chouteau Smart Report 10-23-20 provided by NORA / Cherokee Nation

For More

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