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Local Amish Businesses


  • Amish Cheese House - in town

    • deli sandwiches and salads​

  • Dutch Pantry - in town

    • Buffet dining & deserts​

  • Ropps Hitching Post - 5 mi South

    • Deli sandwiches and more​

  • Fannie's Country Cookin - 8 mi South of Chouteau​


  • Dutch Pantry

  • Nettie Ann's Bakery @ Amish Cheese House

  • Martha's Noodle Shop

    • At Chouteau Sinclair​ Station

    • At Home Bakery - 10 miles from Chouteau - map

Amish Goods Shopping other than food

  • Amish Crafted Furniture

  • Creekside Sales - 5 m South

    • "Amish Walmart" mercantile store

  • Ropps Hitching Post - 5 m South

    • grocery & coffee shop 

Amish Cheese House - Chouteau, OK
Amish Crafted Furniture Showroom - Chouteau, OK

Amish Crafted Furniture Outlet


Fresh Amish Fudge at Nettie Ann's Bakery

Fresh Fudge at Nettie Ann's Bakery

Connected to Amish Cheese House


Amish Tractors---credit to Stuff I tell

Amish Tractors at Black Buggy Day

Photo credit to "Stuff I Tell My Sister" blog



Amish in Chouteau

Amish Community, Restaurants and Shopping

Chouteau Amish Children and Women

The Chouteau rural area is home to the largest Amish community in Oklahoma and a variety of Amish owned restaurants, bakeries, furniture and other stores are located in town.   Thousands of tourists visit Chouteau each year to experience this unique and friendly culture, eat at the Amish restaurants and shop various Amish goods and furniture available.  Every day, you will find Amish driving their tractors on the road on their way to work or going about their day-to-day activities.  On Sundays and other special occasions, you will see Amish black buggies pulled by horses.  Chouteau hosts an annual Chouteau Black Buggy Day which celebrates the Amish culture and is open to everyone. 

History of the Amish in the Chouteau - Mazie communities

Most early Amish settled in Oklahoma during the time of the Oklahoma Land Runs in the late 1800s with new Amish settlements created in the Eastern side of the state. Shortly after the establishment of a settlement in Mazie, OK around 1910, an epidemic forced the small Amish community to uproot and move north to Chouteau. Since settling into the Chouteau area, this eastern Oklahoma Amish community has thrived, growing over the last century to four church districts with around 600 people.  

Chouteau Amish Today

Embracing outsider interest in their way of life and culture, many Amish have opened businesses in or near the Town of Chouteau.  Take a weekend trip to the Chouteau-Mazie area and you can feast on German-influenced Amish cuisine at Fannie’s Country Cookin or the Dutch Pantry.  

Stop in at the Amish Cheese House for breakfast or a lighter lunch, be sure to grab some snacks for the trip home. This giant deli and country store features a variety of bread and pastries, all made on-site at Nettie Ann’s Bakery. In addition to the baked goods, check out almost two dozen types of fudge, a large selection of canned goods, perfectly cured sandwich meats, and 50 different kinds of cheese, all either made by the Chouteau enclave or imported from one of the Ohio or Pennsylvania communities.

Black Buggy Day

In mid-September, the whole community of Chouteau comes together to celebrate its Amish heritage during Black Buggy Day.  Attend Black Buggy Day and dine on a variety of traditional Amish and fair-style food, all served up with a healthy heaping of homemade Amish ice cream. Sip a glass of refreshing lemonade, listen to some Bluegrass, and cheer on the children participating a three legged race and other games and Amish young men as they show off their horsemanship skills at this family-friendly festival.

Black Buggy Day Logo.jpg

Amish boys watching festivities at Black Buggy Day

Amish Mechanical Icecream Making Rig.jpg

Making Amish icecream using single cylinder motor

Amish Black Buggy Festival 3.jpg

Amish and other children all riding the mini train at Black Buggy Day

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