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We Need to Hear From You!

Chouteau residents are invited to participate in a local health and wellness discussion event known as a world café.

The TSET Healthy Living Program in Mayes County has partnered with the HOPE Coalition and has scheduled a World Café Listening session for the Chouteau/Pryor area to begin at noon at the Mid America Expo center Weds. February 24th. Lunch will be served!

World café is a group discussion style that encourages collaborative conversations and the sharing of knowledge and experiences that leads to plans for action. In this world café event area residents will have the opportunity to share their ideas on local wellness that can help transform their city into a healthier place to live.

Pre-registration is encouraged for the planning of lunch. You can register on the Mayes County HOPE Coalition Facebook page, or you may call, text, or email Leslie Considine, coordinator, at 918-864-3565,

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